Monica Michael sings ‘Pretty Little Sister’ – X Factor 2014 Audition Video

Full Room Audition YouTube Video

One of the highlights of this weeks X Factor auditions was 24-year-old Monica Michael performing her own song ‘Pretty Little Sister’, which she wrote about her younger sister Natalie.

Combining singing with rap, the youth worker’s original track left Cheryl in tears and all four judges full of praise. Here’s what they had to say:

Simon Cowell: “Monica, you are why we make shows like this, to find people like you, to give them a break and hopefully get better, because I think we scratched the surface with you, I really, really do. So I’m really happy your here.”

Mel B: “Killed it. No seriously like you are torn and your versatility is just on point. Your pitch perfect, you’ve got a swag, you’ve got that husky, kind of gruff sound, but it’s very controlled. All round, head to toe, voice and everything, done!”

Louis Walsh: “Honestly Monica, I loved everything about you, your singing, your song, your passion. I think you deserve a fantastic break.”

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini: “Your just real, from the core and it really touched me because my sister writes me poems, and she has since I was little, so I completely related to that song. And for that to be your song tells me you are super talented. Your just rough round the edges, you haven’t had a break yet, but I absolutely loved that song. In fact I would download it tomorrow, I think your fantastic.”

Obviously Monica went on to receive four yes’s from the judges, giving her a place in the area auditions.