Where is Indian Summers filmed for Channel 4? – TV Filming Locations

Indian Summers Channel 4 TV Filming Locations.

Where is the TV series Indian Summers filmed and set?

The 10-part drama series, which starts airing at 9:00pm on Sunday the 15th of February 2015 on Channel 4, was mostly filmed on the Malaysian island of Penang.

Indian Summers - Channel 4.  Ralph (Henry Lloyd Hughes) and Alice (Jemima West)

Indian Summers – Image: Channel 4.
Ralph (Henry Lloyd Hughes) and Alice (Jemima West)

According to The Independent, producers chose the filming locations in Penang, Malaysia, largely due to the style of architecture available on the island. Following months of hard work bringing the selected buildings back to their original state, the sites then accurately reflected the era in which the Indian Summers drama plays out.

The series is set against the stunning backdrop of the Himalayas in Northern India during the summer of 1932, a time when the British Raj’s colonial rule is in decline. Many of the shows scenes are set in Simla, which effectively acts as a home-from-home for the high-ranking and wealthy Brits living in the area.

Though it may appear strange that a television series or film set in India ends up begin shot in Malaysia instead of India itself, often the sites where the real-life events took place have since been modernised or even completely transformed. This forces producers to travel elsewhere in search of a more appropriate looking destination. With some governments also offering certain financial incentives to film in their country or city, costs also play a big part when choosing a location.


With tensions rising as India searches for independence and the British Raj desperately cling on to power, Indian Summers tells both sides of a story of promises, politics, secrets and love.

Indian Summers’ cast list is led by Julie Walters as Cynthia Coffin, Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Ralph Whelan, Jemima West as Alice Whelan, Nikesh Patel as Aafrin Dalal, Craig Parkinson as Dougie Raworth, Amber Rose Revah as Leena Prasad, Alexander Cobb as Ian McLeod, Aysha Kala as Sooni Dalal and Fiona Glascott as Sarah Raworth.