The Voice UK Live Shows Finally Begin with the Quarter Finals

The Voice UK 2013 Quarter Finals Live Show

Image Copyright: BBC

Having jumped out of the way of Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent final, Friday night on BBC One saw the start of The Voice 2013 live shows with the quarter finals.

In what must be the most complicated format of any talent show in the world, this round featured yet another new set of elimination rules. The BBC could have really done with issuing an official rule book to accompany the series.

After the previous battle and knockout rounds though, it made a nice change in Fridays show to simply watch each act perform one song, on their own, for more than 30 seconds.

However the quarter finals still featured one problem than seems to be a regular theme on The Voice, I don’t recognize half the songs. In what appears to be the musical version of the quiz show Pointless, the aim of the show seems to be to pick the most obscure song they can think of in the hope nobody else will know it and add £250 to the jackpot.

Leah McFall - The Voice UK 2013

Image Copyright: BBC

Personally I found this a shame as this years quarter finals actually featured a number of good vocalists and with some better song choices could have been quite a show.

Perhaps this issue could go some way to explaining why even coach spent more time apparently tweeting on his phone, rather than paying attention to any of the performances. More likely he was Googling the lyrics to work out what songs the contestants were even singing.

Here’s the list of who sung what, which singers were eliminated and who made it through to next weeks live semi-finals:

Team Jessie

Ash Morgan – “Lego House” – Fast pass

Matt Henry – “Wonder” – Public Vote Winner

Sarah Cassidy – “Love Sensation” – Eliminated

Team Tom

Joseph Apostol – “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher” – Fast pass

Mike Ward – “When I Was Your Man” – Public Vote Winner

Alys Williams – “Is This Love” – Eliminated

Team Danny

Andrea Begley – “Ho Hey” – Fast pass

Karl Michael – “A Thousand Years” – Public Vote Winner

Mitchel Emms – “Radioactive” – Eliminated


Leah McFall – “I Will Survive” – Fast pass

Cleo Higgins – “Imagine” – Public Vote Winner

Leanne Jarvis – “Where Have You Been” – Eliminated