‘Our Girl’ BBC Drama: Cast List and Theme Music Revealed

The lead cast list details have now been released for the 2014 series of the BBC One drama Our Girl, once again starring EastEnders actress Lacey Turner as the unstoppable Molly.

Molly Dawes (LACEY TURNER) - Image Credit: BBC/Coco Van Oppens

Actress Lacey Turner as Molly Dawes – Image Credit: BBC/Coco Van Oppens

Character – Actor/Actress

Molly Dawes – Lacey Turner (EastEnders, Bedlam, Switch, True Love)

Captain James – Ben Aldridge (Lark Rise to Candleford, The Devil’s Whore)

Smurf – Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones, Misfits, Vicious, Caerdydd)

Corporal Kinders – Arinze Kene (Youngers, EastEnders)

Nude-Nut – Ade Oyefeso (Youngers)

Dave Dawes – Sean Gallagher (Coronation Street, Rock Rivals, Walking and Talking)

Belinda Dawes – Kerry Godliman (Derek, Home Time, Rush Hour, Spoons)

Major Beck – Adam Astill (Holby City, Mistresses)

Mansfield Mike – Nick Preston (My Mad Fat Diary)

Baz Vegas – Charley Palmer Merkell (Mayday)

Fingers – Sean Ward (Island at War)

Dangleberries – Lawrence Walker

Brains – Simon Lennon


Additional Cast List by Episode of First Appearance

Episode 1/5 – 21 September

Sergeant Azizi – Jonas Khan

Qaseem – Zubin Varla (Strike Back, Holby City)

Sohail – Tamer Burjaq

Jackie – Kirsty Averton

Episode 2/5 – 28 September

Episode 3/5 – 5 October

Bashira – Becky Eggersglusz

Nan – Ruth Sheen (The Mimic, Misfits, Bramwell, Berkeley Square, Holding On)

Candy – Siwan Morris (Wolfblood, Mine All Mine, Doctor Who Series 8)

Shazza – Tilly Vosburgh (EastEnders, Holby City, Holding On, Teenage Health Freak)

Episode 4/5 – 12 October

Episode 5/5 – 19 October

Our Girl - Image Credit: - BBC/David Bloomer

Our Girl – Image Credit: – BBC/David Bloomer

Series 2 of Our Girl follows Molly, a girl born and raised in East London with little prospects, who went from being a nobody, to a soldier in the Royal Army Medical Corps. The five-part series sees Molly on her first deployment as a serving army medic against the backdrop of the British Army’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Through we are referring to these 2014 episodes as series 2, they may also be officially classed as series 1, due to the 2013 broadcast having just been a single feature length special.

What’s the name of Our Girl’s theme music and who sings it?

The BBC dramas theme tune is called ‘War Rages On’ and the song is performed by British singer-songwriter Alex Clare. Released in 2014, here’s the singles full-length official video from VEVO:

Lacey Turner BBC Interview

What is it about Molly that made you want to return to the role?

“I love Molly. She’s feisty, she’s disobedient and she’s passionate which I think is what draws me to her. She has a passion to belong and she wants to do better and help. I think maybe in her life she hasn’t really been given the opportunity. So to join the army she’s got the perfect opportunity to become part of a team and a family, to achieve something and feel like she belongs somewhere.”

This time we see Molly put her practice into action for real when she’s deployed to Afghanistan – how much more training have you had to do?

“Just training yourself for the heat was enough! You just don’t realise how hot it is. We filmed in South Africa and there where points when it was around 46 degrees. You’re hot enough in the kit in this country let alone a hot country. We were running up mountains and down mountains and through rivers. It was fun, I loved it.”