Where do they film The Musketeers TV series? – TV Filming Locations

The Musketeers Filming Locations for the 2014-2015 BBC Television Series.

Where is The Musketeers filmed for BBC TV?

The main filming locations used for this action packed period drama were situated in and around the Czech Republic capital of Prague. Shooting for the first BBC series took place during 2013, with season 2 continuing there in 2014 ahead of its 2015 airing.

Many of the scenes for The Musketeers television series are filmed in the small town of Doksany, which lies approximately 20 miles north-west of Prague. Prior to the start of production, sets were constructed at a former Doksany convent (pictured below), designed to recreate the streets of 17th century Paris. This same area was also chosen to build The Musketeers garrison.

Part of The Musketeers BBC filming location in Doksany, Czech Republic - Photo by Horakvlado (Sourced via Wikimedia Commons)

Part of the set in Doksany, Czech Republic – Photo by Horakvlado (Sourced via Wikimedia Commons)

Thanks in no small part to it suffering far less damage than many other Eastern-European cities during the Second World War, much of Prague’s beautiful and historic architecture still exists today. With its large and varied selection of immaculately maintained, yet original looking buildings, it’s easy to see why the shows producers chose to film in and around Prague.

Fans of the series will no doubt agree these picturesque buildings and landscapes provide a great backdrop to the show, making good use of the BBC’s HD broadcasting.

The show, which is set in France during the 1600’s and based on Alexandre Dumas’s novel The Three Musketeers, is a joint production between BBC One and BBC America.

Explore the town of Doksany with Google Earth. Here you can see an aerial view of the Doksany Praemonsatensian Convent:

The first series of The Musketeers premiered in the UK on Sunday the 19th of January 2014, while season 2 comes to BBC One in early 2015.

Since first hitting screens in the UK back in early 2014, The Musketeers and its British cast have gone on to become a huge TV hit, right around the world.