‘Great White Serial Killer’: Discovery Channel Shark Week Documentary Preview

Great White Serial Killer - Discovery Channel

Great White Serial Killer – Discovery

As part of Shark Week 2014, this Thursday night the Discovery Channel UK takes a close-up look at the ‘Great White Serial Killer’.

The documentary sees Emmy-nominated natural history producer Jeff Kurr investigate a shark ‘murder mystery’. We’ll see Jeff look into two fatal attacks which took place at California’s Surf Beach. Bizarrely, the incidents occurred two years apart on virtually the same day, and at almost the exact same location, turning this once idyllic spot into a haunted beach.

Could there be a serial killing great white stalking this stretch of Californian coastline, or is this just pure coincidence?

The key to discovering if it’s the same shark responsible for the two deaths will be a CSI-style forensic study, focusing on bite patterns and DNA sampling of tooth fragments found in the victims. The shows investigation will also involve a harrowing, near fatal encounter with possibly the largest great white ever caught on camera.

Great White Serial Killer airs at 8:00pm on Thursday 14 August, 2014, on Discovery UK. Here’s a little preview of what’s in store: