What’s this Chromebook advert song? – TV Commercial

What’s the song in the new Google ‘You Chromebook’ TV ad called and who’s it by?

This television and internet advert for the new Chromebooks uses the track ‘Work It Out’, which was produced by American DJ Karizma. The song was released in April, 2017 as the lead single off EP ‘The Deadpool’ and can be downloaded or streamed from iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon.

Google’s ‘You Chromebook’ commercial, which was uploaded to their UK YouTube channel on the 14th of March, 2018, points out a few of the many things users can do on the laptop.

Basically, if you like to watch TV without a TV, want to train along to YouTube videos instead of going to the gym, do your shopping from the kitchen, or simply work, listen to music or play games, the Chromebook has you covered.