The US Air Force’s Charlie Martinez Auditions for X Factor UK 2014

‘Hero’ Room Audition YouTube Video

Orlando, Florida native Charlie Martinez currently serves with the United States Air Force and as a result, had to obtain special permission prior to auditioning for The X factor UK 2014.

Before being allowed to sing Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Hero’ for the British judges, the 19-year-old said: “It did go all the way to The Pentagon, I actually had to get special permission from my squadron commander. I had to sing for her.” Adding: “Singing is everything for me.”

I guess if someone from the US military is going to be singing on national television, they at least wanna make sure he’s good. So in effect, this was really Charlie’s second round audition.

As if singing the song well wasn’t enough, he even threw in some Spanish vocals just for good measure. Following the audition, these were the judges comments:

Simon Cowell: “The girls are going to love you.”

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini: “I agreed with everything Simon said.”

Louis Walsh: “You know I’m gonna say yes.”

Mel B: “Mines a holy hotness yes!”

With four big yes’s from the judges, Charlie Martinez sails through (why can’t he be in the Navy?) to the arena auditions stage of the competition.

With no X Factor USA in 2014 and the UK series now being broadcast in America on AXS TV, could Charlie be just what the show needs to draw in US viewers?

The first batch of arena auditions are set to air on ITV at 8:00pm on Saturday, 13 September.