Amy Connelly sings ‘With You’ at X Factor 2014 Room Auditions

Full YouTube Audition Video with Judges Comments

Having previously reached the judges houses stage of the X Factor way back in 2008, Amy Connelly returned this year for one more shot at stardom.

Six years ago, this Watford native went out of the competition at Cheryl’s judges house, just missing out on the live shows. Now 25-years-old and with a young family, Amy currently works as a betting shop assistant.

Amy Connelly ‘With You’ – X Factor UK 2014 Room Auditions: Judges Comments

Cheryl: “That was really beautiful, it was captivating. . . This is like a flashback for me, there’s something that you do to me, we just have a connection and I’m so proud of you. I’m proud of the fact you came back, you stood there with confidence and poise, delivered a song beautifully, and I’m just so happy to see you.”

Louis: “I love the fact that you’ve come back, I love the fact that your a fighter. It was very, very emotional.”

Mel: “Your voice is outstanding, I mean you can just really hear and just feel the emotion.”

Simon: “I’m gonna be honest with you Amy, I kinda wrote you off before you started singing, but you got to me with that song. I believed every word, I think you’ve got a really nice voice and it was a great song.”

Needless to say after receiving such great comments, Amy got four yes’s, securing her place at the arena auditions.

The opening group of arena auditions will air on ITV at 8:00pm on Saturday, 13 September, 2014.